HP C7975A LTO5 with Massive Storage Capacity And Steadfast Functionality

7aHewlett Packard or HP is an American company founded in California USA in 1939. Hp provides services, program, solution and IT products and innovative technologies for much type of personal companies, and government, education, and wellness sectors. In 1950 magnetic tapes was first use by IBM to save data on magnetic tape, wit single reel of magnetic tape could store up just as much data as ten thousand punch cards it became an instant success and became the significantly used the way of store up computer data until 80s. Hewlett Packard is among the biggest contributors of the data storage technology, developed and studied along with some other most leading manufacturer of data storage devices. In mid 90, Quantum, s Hewlett Packard IBM and a few other major manufacturing company developed world first LTO Linear tape open Ultrium established technology that was groundbreaking. And the first LTO1 tape was introduced by HP and all leading makers of data storage devices. With slowly improved storage capacity and transfer speed as well as other significant characteristics, LTO4 cassette was introduced since LTO2, LTO3. These LTO tapes was welcomed by all data storage concerned enterprises or companies and a tremendous success. Hewlett Packard dominating the data storage business for long time and has a huge share.

HP introduced its new LTO Ultrium established 5th generation HP C7975A LTO-5, that match all of the data storage conditions with increased efficiency and endurance. HP tape cartridge is considered to successfully care for very sensitive & most precious data and increased businesses performance. LTO C7975A cassette enhanced the entire standard that was utilized in last 4 generations. And supply best satisfaction with reliable functionality with quite efficient etiquette to information manager. HP LTO5 improved its data storage capacity with enormous 13 Terabytes (native) and 30 Terabytes (compressed), first time in LTO technology the storage capacity reached beyond Terabytes this is tremendous success and boost to LTO cassettes which already proving one of the best and low cost storage solution for SMBs and other active database centres. HP C7975A tape, require farther enormous increase with its data transfer speed with 140MB/ second (native) and 280MB/ Second (compressed) with best refuge and dependable data transfer operation.

LTO5 C7975A has some more sophisticated features or improved ones which was never used by last 4 versions of HP LTO tapes. Linear tape file structure has help to support data loaded servers like media company and supervision video. LTO 5 C7975A is offering its users with best performance, data storage capacity, and most safe archival operations much lavishness. These tapes are so friendly so that Data supervisors can drag and drop the info and reinstate the critical documents within no time, when the user location in the LTO C7975A, cartridge to the Ultrium tape drives it become visible to the host system as a drive letter.

Also, the trustworthy WORM and new developed AES 256bit its ability and performance also has been further enhanced. HP LTO C7975A, amazing robustness offers data managers the assurance to maneuver the LTO5 data storage tapes to distant sites. Data storage life of HP LTO- 5 C7975A, cartridge is thirty years plus. HP Ultrium tape drive gets the very economical power to recover information from HPLTO4, HPLTO3; additionally these drive offer RW compatibility with HP LTO4 tapes. Tapes, HP LTO5 C7975A are exactness influence and are concept stalwart for greatest reliability and longer life existence that is archival. HP LTO5 cartridges offering ease of supervision, superior reliability, outstanding compatibility, quicker output speed to meet demands of the company of modern day.