Use Countdown Timers To Generate Buzz About A Specific Event

What are you counting down the days to right now? Perhaps you are expecting to give birth soon, or maybe you have a product launch coming up. Whether for business or pleasure, (visit website) can be used to help you generate a countdown timer that is contagious. If you are trying to generate buzz concerning a particular event, a countdown is the way to go.

These countdown timers get people’s attention, and they can be shared on social media. You’re not just counting down the days, but the hours minutes and seconds, too! These sharing magnets definitely get people’s attention, and they create a sense of urgency. Perhaps you are wanting to generate these timers in order to help you increase conversion rates.

If you’re a business owner, you know that creating a sense of urgency is how you get customers to take action. Consumers always see products that they would like to buy, but they don’t always buy right then and there. Countdown timers not only can get customers to act, but they can make them think. They can also leave them wanting to know more. You can follow up with that information to fill them in and drive them to a call to action.

It is quite simple to generate a countdown timer and share it or embed it on your website. The countdown clocks are mobile friendly, too. Not only that, but the mobile friendly code allows you to enjoy all kinds of high resolution displays. Of course, the code is safe and secure, too, as you would expect. You don’t want any site layout errors or other types of error messages.

The code used for the countdown timers is actually isolated from the code on your website. That is because the code for the timers is contained in iframe. The timers are also handled via an encrypted connection. The countdowns are safe and secure, and they aren’t able to be altered if people try to hack them.

The countdown clocks you generate look great on all browsers. You’re starting to get the idea that ‘Counting Down To’ is the best place to generate a countdown timer, right? You can also count on fast page loads. One thing you want to be careful about, however, is using any third party widgets. You can create website countdowns and email countdowns. There are both free and paid options, too.

You are also able to change countdown timers when necessary. It is mentioned that when sharing timers on Facebook, it is important to embed them to your website first. Otherwise, you’re looking at trying to use the Facebook live feature or screenshot the timer, which just isn’t the same.

How could you make use of a countdown timer? People are generating them for all kinds of reasons. You can specify all kinds of different features of the countdown timer you generate. The site talks about how one timer that was generated using the ‘Counting Down To’ platform went viral. That would certainly mean mission accomplished.